On Demand Ride Hailing Application Taxi2Door

Taxi2Door is an user-friendly mobile application designed to revolutionize the way people access transportation services.

Awesome Features

Taxi2Door application boasts a wide range of awesome features that enhance the user experience and make it a top choice for on-demand ride-hailing.

  • Multiple Vehicle categories

    With the Multiple Vehicle Categories feature, passengers have access to an array of vehicle options, ensuring there's a perfect match for every type of trip. This feature is a game-changer for users seeking flexibility and choice when it comes to their transportation needs.It allows to add a vehicle categories from admin panel as per your wish.

  • Promo Code

    Promo Code is a special code that passengers can use to receive discounts or other promotional offers when booking a ride. These codes are an effective way for ride-hailing platforms to attract and retain customers while providing passengers with cost-saving opportunities.

  • Dynamic Fare Management

    While surge pricing is a component of this system, It is designed to create a fair and transparent pricing structure for both passengers and drivers, which can be manage from admin panel.

  • Favourite Location

    Saving and suggesting favorite locations is a user-centric feature that enhances convenience and efficiency, allowing users to quickly and easily book rides to their preferred destinations while reducing the likelihood of errors in address entry.

Trip Types

Customer can ride different types of trips introduced in the mobile app.

Daily Trip feature is a simple and streamline process of booking rides for daily commuting needs. It offers convenience as a valuable tool for users who rely on taxis for their daily transportation.

Shared trips are designed to optimize transportation efficiency by pooling together passengers with similar travel routes. Instead of each passenger booking a separate ride, they can share the same vehicle, helping to reduce costs, traffic congestion, and environmental impact.

A rental trip is a versatile service that allows users to rent a vehicle for a specified duration and distance. It offers convenience, customization, and flexibility for a wide range of transportation needs.

Commercial trips are specifically designed to cater to the needs of businesses, organizations, and professionals. These trips may involve transporting goods, equipment, personnel, or clients for various commercial purposes.


These attributes combine to provide an exceptional user experience and create a reliable and convenient ride-hailing experience for all users.

Auto Assigning

Auto-assigning to drivers matches passenger ride requests with available drivers based on nearest criteria. This ensures quicker response and a smoother experience for both passengers and drivers.

Earning Report

A summary that provides drivers with a detailed breakdown of their income and earnings from completed trips. It help drivers track their income, expenses, and overall financial performance while using the application.

Auto Payment Mode

After the completion of the trip application will check the wallet of the customer and app will automatically select the mode of the payment whether it will be a cash or wallet or cash/wallet.

Dispatch Panel

Dispatch panel used to create a trip from admin panel. Also to filter out some specific information from the admin panel and display those.

What's Under The Hood

Taxi2Door application that encompasses various components to provide a seamless experience for both riders and drivers.

Booking Flexibility

The user should be allowed to book a taxi right away or sometime later. Canceling ordered services should also be allowed.

Phone Number Verification

Twilio Technology is used in Taxi2Door for SMS verifications. Customer register the phone number and sms send to the particular phone number.

Payment Integration

It can offer a variety of payment methods to cater to a diverse customer base, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers.

Trip History

Records of travel details should be made available to the user. The user should feel that your app is the go-to choice when ordering a taxi.

Scheduled Booking

Ride later is available for the riders to schedule the ride. Eventually the driver will also be triggered out by the request and the cab gets booked.


Admin has given access to multiple reports, which helps them plan and strategise various activities to support and grow the business.

Ride History

Rider can view all the rides completed, canceled including details of pickup and drop location, fare amount and time.

Organized Booking

Enable users to view, modify, or cancel their bookings from within the app. Maintain a booking history for reference.

Transaction Management

A component within an application framework responsible for coordinating and overseeing transactions. It ensures that transactions are executed correctly.


Rider can give ratings at the end of the trip as per their experiences.

Manual Booking

It allows the admin to book the manual ride directly upon the requests from the users. This customer booking option ensures travel convenience.

Dashboard Management

Displays all the analytics reports in the admin panel for total customers, drivers and bookings.

5 Days Delivery

Experience the convenience and reliability of our five-day delivery guarantee. Trust us with your packages, and we'll ensure they arrive safely and swiftly. Your satisfaction is our promise.
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Taxi2Door provides a comprehensive taxi app development platform that includes vehicle management, driver management, online bookings and dispatch panel.

Heat Map

Drivers in identifying areas with high booking requests in the surrounding areas is a correct and effective approach. Heat maps are a valuable tool for optimizing the allocation of drivers in location-based services.It will help to track and display user interactions.

Commercial Module

Commercial trips may involve the movement of goods, services and can range from short, local trips for commercial purpose.

Driver Training

When a driver signs up for your service, incorporate a section where they must complete essential training modules before they can start accepting rides or deliveries. Create a series of training modules covering various aspects of driving, customer service, and safety.

Complaint/support Module

Complaint/Support module provides a user-friendly interface through which users can submit complaints, queries, or requests for support. It provides users with a way to seek help, report issues, ask questions, or provide feedback related to the application or the services it offers.