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Realtime Taxi Solution - Cab2Door

Taxi app has a advanced features of share it rider, GPS system, Polyline opiton. Taxi booking system helps you get taxi at your place. It will helps you get quick access to the app and gives you the right information about your taxi booking online. Taxi booking system helps you get taxi at your place. It will helps you get quick access to the app and gives you the right information about your taxi booking online.Create taxi mobile apps with unique look & feel for your brand with our customized designs.

Online Doctor Consultation Solution - Care2Home

Care2home is an On Demand Online Doctor Consultation with Multi Pharmacy app is a combination of customers, doctors, pharmacies, labs and delivery boys,  You can find nearest doctor around the area and can book your appointment also.  Online Doctor Consultation, Video call, Promo code, Instant video, Real time booking system,  Firebase analytic tools,  Managing re order etc.     E-Consultation and Other Service is one of the technology advancements which is likely to bridge the gap.  

Food Application system - Food2Door

 Food app can get allow customers to order desired food from near by restaurant. Customers can get their order delivered, they can pick it up themselves or they can dine in. The restaurants receive the order on the restaurant app . Delivery boy find the location using Real time navigation system delivery app with UI design. Endorse with high qualified technologies. On demand food ordering app having a features of push notification, reward/discount programs, GPS based & locality based store selection. 

Mechanics application system - Doctor Mech

Specially designed with UI design. Doorstep bike service and repair. monitor and manage the inspection, maintenance, diagnosis and repair of various systems of automotive vehicles. Book your bike service at home/office or anywhere. you can confidently complete everything from simple puncture repairs, to wheel truing and replacing gear cables. Developed with React Native at front end and laravel at back end. With one tap in the app we bring the two wheeler workshop to you.

Laundry Single vendor system - Rith Laundry

Building a communication process with single vendor approach. One contract, one invoice, one support centre number. Laundry app providing the services of washing, drying, ironing for a fee. Rith Laundry is a responsive and stylish app created using React Native. It has clean User Interface created for laundry agency. It has optimized and well structured code and customizable features. Rith Laundry is a responsive and stylish app created using React Native at front end and laravel back end.

Laundry Multi Vendor System - Launder hut

Rith laundry multi vendor app is a user friendly laundry service delivery app. If you’re looking for a laundry mobile app development company, look no further. We build laundry app with Android and IOS & provide on demand laundry mobile app building services. It contains 2 apps. User App, Delivery App that provides complete start-up ideas with UI designs. Experience the best laundry app development services from us. Supports Multi country , Multi language system and Multi currency also.

Single Vendor Pharmacy System - Pharma Point

On demand medicine ordering apps allow customers to buy medicines online. Upload the scanned copy of the prescriptions and place requests for medicine. One vendor sell their multiple product through this. There is an option to search for any type of medicine. Upload medicine order, offer and discount, send feedback etc., provide specialists with an efficient tool for managing orders. They should receive notifications about the orders, accept them, and change status as per convenience.

Multi pharmacy system - Pharm2Home

Expand your pharmacy business online. Build online pharmacy app development to get orders. Online medical stores offer you the convenience of pharmaceutical deliveries in the safety and comfort of your home. Most have a wide variety of healthcare products – so you can simply download these apps to your device, add products to your cart and proceed to checkout. With just a few clicks and possibly online discounts – it is possible to get genuine medicines delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

Handyman - Home care

Handyman apps for finding work. Its a tool to enables service professionals to run their entire business from their smartphone Platform of selling services. which take cares of all your quoting, invoicing, time scheduling etc.,  Handyman mobile app to deal with home service, household repairs,  A mobile application can built on several platform , android and ios. Application with feature of Geo fence system, User friendly UI design, RTL support, Multi curreny and multi country system etc.,

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