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Doc In Hand

You may get medications from pharmacies, schedule medical testing at labs, order video call doctor consultations, schedule appointments, get doctor approval, and more with the Doc In Hand application.

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Multi Vendor System

This multi-vendor system creates a robust ecosystem where multiple medical vendors can efficiently showcase their offerings and users can access a wide range of medical solutions in a convenient and centralized manner.

Doc In Hand

Doc In Hand Applications

We provide users with a seamless and convenient platform to access medical services and products from different vendors.

Doc In Hand

Using the customer app, customers may choose the right physician for their symptoms and make an appointment with them. Additionally, consumers can receive prescriptions from doctors and have one-on-one video consultations with them.

A doctor may upload his certifications in order to register his profile in the doctor's application. He can subsequently choose the area of expertise for which he is accessible for consultation. It implies that patients will get in touch with him via the app.

Pharmacy Application is much easier to receive orders from customers. Customers can select the medicines directly to make an order. Or else customers can upload the prescription of the doctor and order those medicines to the pharmacies. Pharmacies can tie up with the delivery partners and can deliver the medicines to the customers as door delivery.

Delivery partner can join with the pharmacies and provide their delivery services through this application. Partners will receive the order assistance from the pharmacy through the application, once they accept they have to collect the ordered items and deliver them to the corresponding customers.

Awesome Features

Doc In Hand application offers you a comprehensive medical solution, including video call consultations, appointment scheduling, and doctor approval, ordering medicines from pharmacies, and scheduling medical tests at laboratories.

  • Doc In Hand
    Customer Symptoms Selection

    Customers can choose their symptoms using an easy-to-use interface.

  • Doc In Hand
    Doctor Selection

    Allowing customers to select and view profiles of recommended doctors or specialists based on their symptoms. Each profile includes the doctor's qualifications, experience, specialities, and availability.

  • Doc In Hand
    Session Confirmation

    Customers can book appointments with healthcare professionals through the platform, selecting preferred dates and times for consultations based on the professional's availability.

5 Days Delivery

Experience the convenience and reliability of our five-day delivery guarantee. Trust us with your packages, and we'll ensure they arrive safely and swiftly. Your satisfaction is our promise.
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Doc In Hand is a user-centric healthcare platform that includes telemedicine services, electronic prescription and health record management, secure payment gateways, and patient interaction features.

Doc In Hand

Telemedicine Integration

The platform facilitates online doctor consultations, enabling users to connect with healthcare seek medical advice, receive prescriptions, also schedule virtual appointments.

Doc In Hand

Session Management

Each user session is assigned a unique session token upon successful login, which is used to authenticate subsequent requests during the session.

Doc In Hand

Follow-up and Monitoring

This application enables follow-up consultations and monitoring of a patient's progress, allowing doctors to track treatment effectiveness or make necessary adjustments.

Free WebRTC Video Call

On our application, a video call consultation between a patient and a doctor is possible. We are using WEBRTC plugins, which are completely free, for this video call consultation.

Doc In Hand

Multispeciality Hospital Management

Multispeciality hospitals can also register with this application and control their own pharmacies, laboratories, and other facilities. These hospitals can be controlled by the super admin panel as well as the hospital's administration Panel.

Doc In Hand

What's Under The Hood

Doc In Hand
Doctor Profiles

The app includes profiles of medical experts, such as physicians, specialists, therapists, and counselors, who have been validated and licensed.

Doc In Hand
Appointment Schedules

Customers can schedule appointments for virtual consultations with preferred healthcare providers.

Doc In Hand
Secure Login

Doc In Hand applications guarantees a reliable and secure login with safeguard user data and privacy process.

Doc In Hand
Order Management

Application is dedicated to simplifying the process of accessing care services and essential supplies.

Doc In Hand
Payment Method

The Payment method integrated into Doc In Hand ensures secure and seamless financial transactions between customers and healthcare service providers or vendors.

Doc In Hand
Wallet Option

Application understands the importance of seamless and secure transactions in managing healthcare services and caregiving needs

Doc In Hand
Search Option

The search functionality empowers users to discover a wide range of healthcare services available within the Application platform.

Doc In Hand

Notifications and in-app alerts provide users with up-to-date information, improving interaction and communication.

Doc In Hand
Booking Laboratories

If the patients require laboratory testing, they can choose the lab and schedule a direct appointment or have the sample collected from their home.


The 'Reports' feature offers users access to comprehensive and personalized health reports including lab test results, prescription histories.

Doc In Hand
Reviews and Ratings

The 'Reviews and Ratings' feature in Doc In Hand allows users to provide feedback and rate healthcare providers, medical services, or products within the platform.

Doc In Hand
Orderby Selecting Products

Doc In Hand's "Order by Selecting Products" feature makes it easier for consumers to find certain care-related things by letting them easily select their needs.

Responsibility Privilege Module

The Responsibility Privilege Module is one of the most important features in this app. The administrator can create subadmins to track/maintain services, earnings modules, and so on.

It will help delegate tasks to employees/dispatchers/sub admins who have partial access to the super admin panel. We have the ability to restrict and grant access to whatever we want.

Doc In Hand

Chat Option

Customers may communicate in real-time with healthcare providers or doctors by using the chat function.

Doctor Chat Box

A Doctor Chat Box within a healthcare platform allows customers to contact directly with healthcare professionals for consultations, guidance, or inquiries.

Doc In Hand

Patient Chat Box

Also a customers can converse and communicate with doctors through the patient chat box within the app.

Doc In Hand


"Blogs" encompass a range of articles or posts covering diverse healthcare topics, providing valuable insights, advice, and information related to various aspects of health, wellness, medical advancements, and healthcare practices.

Doc In Hand

Online Doctor Consultation Flow

This simplified flow promotes effective and quick provision of healthcare by providing a customer-friendly experience for accessing and conclude a medical appointment via video conference within the app.

Streamlined Customer Symptoms

Consumers can select their symptoms and vital health-related information with ease and speed.

Doc In Hand

Doctor Profiles

Customer views detailed profile of doctors, including their qualifications, specialities, and availability for consultations.

Doc In Hand

Schedule Now/Later

Its typically involves the ability for customers to choose between, immediate appointment for healthcare services or selecting a preferred future date and time for scheduling appointments.

Doc In Hand

Video Call Session

This platform involves real-time, face-to-face communication between customers and healthcare providers through live video sessions with free "WebRTC Video Call".

Doc In Hand

Doctor Referral Drugs

At Application, we strive to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions, including a streamlined process for doctor referrals and medication prescriptions for our customers convenience.

Doc In Hand

Order medicines by Doctor's

Patients will receive their E-prescription from the doctor after a video call, and they will be able to order medicines from the pharmacy application by uploading the doctor e-prescription in the order medicines option.

Prescription upload order option

Patients who have a hard copy prescription from a consultation with another doctor can upload an image of that prescription and send it to the pharmacy.

Appointment Booking Flow

This online appointment booking flow within the app provides users with a user-friendly and convenient way to schedule and engage in virtual consultations with healthcare providers.

Doc In Hand
Hospital Selection

Customers can select hospitals using specified parameters such as ratings, specializations, location, or other specifics.

Doctors Selection

Customers can select a list of available symptom-related healthcare providers, filtering by specialty, availability, or ratings.

Appointment Details

The app displays a summary of the selected appointment, including date, time, symptoms, or any specific concerns.

Accept/Reject Appointments

Healthcare professionals may effectively manage their appointments using this app procedure, accepting or rejecting them based on their availability and the demands of the patient. This ensures a smooth scheduling process for all sides.

Flow Videos

Experience the seamless convenience of our Doc In Hand application just a tap on this video.

Medicine Order Flow

Users may explore, choose, and buy prescription drugs from pharmacies with the app's simplified interface, which also gives them access to necessary pharmaceuticals and the option of delivery or pickup, depending on their preferences.


Select Pharmacies

Customers can search for pharmacies based on location, services offered, availability of medications, or specific criteria.


Consulting Doctor with E-Prescription via Vendor Application

Healthcare providers utilize the vendor application integrated with application to streamline the process of issuing electronic prescriptions after online consultations, empowering patients to access prescribed medications seamlessly through the platform.

"Customers have the flexibility to directly place orders for medications via the Doc In Hand mobile app"


Order Placed by vendors

After completing the payment, the order is placed, and the app generates an order confirmation, providing an order number or reference.


Deliveryboy Auto Assigning

Once the customer confirms the order, the delivery partner is immediately assigned by the application.


Conclude Delivery

The delivery personnel arrives at the specified delivery address, whether it's a user's home, a healthcare facility.

Cart Display

Before the customer confirms their medicine orders, they can view the entire order details in the cart page. After the confirmation, the order can be placed.

Doc In Hand
Doc In Hand

Google Map Navigation

Google Map Navigation is available to assist the partner to navigate to the location of the customers to deliver the medicines to the customers.

Advanced Technologies

Technologies are used in the innovations and scientific advancements that push the boundaries of what is currently possible.

  • React Native is an framework for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It is designed to streamline cross-platform mobile app development.

  • Laravel is a popular PHP web application framework known for its elegant syntax, developer-friendly tools, and robust features.

  • MySQL is one of the world's most popular open-source relational database management systems. It is renowned for its performance, reliability, ease of use, and flexibility.

Doc In Hand
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Doc In Hand

Lab Test Booking Flow

Lab test booking process in Application simplifies access to diagnostic services through a user-friendly interface.

Lab Test Selection

Customers browse through available lab tests or diagnostic services offered within the app.

Doc In Hand

Test Details Review

Detailed information about each test, including descriptions, preparation instructions, and prices, is provided for customers to review.

Doc In Hand

Collective Person Update

Access to lab orders within the admin panel might be restricted based on user roles or permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view, update, or manage this sensitive information.

Doc In Hand

Assign Collective Prescription

Maintain proper documentation of the collective prescription within the system, enabling comprehensive reporting on prescription adherence, patient responses, or any necessary adjustments to optimize patient care.

Doc In Hand
Doc In Hand

Test Catalog and Selection

An extensive catalog with a wide range of lab tests that customers can browse and choose from according to certain requirements or health concerns.

Doc In Hand

Billing and Payment

Seamless integration with payment gateways for easy billing and payment processing for lab tests ordered through the platform.

Doc In Hand

Multiple Lab Selection

Customers are given the option to choose from multiple partner laboratories or diagnostic centers based on their preferences or proximity to their location.

App Screens

Available on iOS and Android

Our Doc In Hand mobile application is extremely beneficial to HealthCare services. It has a lot more features and an exciting user interface.

Doc In Hand

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's providing users with essential information about its services, functionalities, and security measures.

1. How can I purchase this Doc In Hand solution?

You can purchase this HealthCare app through various methods: Buy a source code directly from codecanyon. Hire us to do the installation and configuration for you. Hire us to build a customized app on this HealthCare app for you.

2. How do I schedule an online consultation with a doctor through Doc In Hand?

Users can schedule an online consultation by logging into the app, navigating to the 'Consult a Doctor' section, selecting a preferred healthcare provider, choosing an available time slot, and confirming the appointment.

3. How can I find pharmacies or healthcare providers near my location using Doc In Hand?

Users can search for nearby pharmacies or healthcare providers by using location-based search filters within the app, allowing them to find services based on proximity or specific geographical areas.

4. Is Doc In Hand available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Doc In Hand is often available on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring accessibility for users across various mobile devices.

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