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Onlilne taxi booking app



  • The main purpose of any online taxi booking system is that will helps you get quick taxi at your place.
  • It will helps you get quick access to the app and give you the right information about your taxi booking online.
  • A mobile application can built on several platforms, android and ios. Android uses java and ios uses swift.

  • Payment Method

    The best way to make it easy for the user is to include multiple payment options, and allow the user to select from the different options available.

    Stripe, Cash On Delivery & Razor Pay

    Search Destination

    Search Destination

    Cab2door app helps to hire a private driver to pick up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on any smartphone devices. A nearby driver often arrives to pick you up within minutes.

    Dynamic Vehicle Show

    Users can also select dynamic vehicles
    1. Auto
    2. HatchBack
    3. Sedan
    4. Truck
    5. SUV

    Scratch Card Offer

    These cards come with scratch off stickers to reveal. A surprise gift for every trip.

    Distance Calculation

    New features of Cab2door add your pickup and drop location automatically calculate to the fare based on distance.

    Multi-Country & Currency

    New features of Cab2door Clients support Country of the currencies in this app. This functionality allow the users to make the payments in the desired currency aviailable within the app.

    Real Time Driver Tracking

    The best way to deal with this situation is to include the real-time tracking feature into your app with the help of GPS integration. The feature will enable the users to track the driver’s location and which way he is traveling.

    Real Time Driver Tracking

    Gender Filter & SOS Message

    Cab2door lets you choose a driver from a list of those drivers that accepted your ride request. users you can select your driver men riders and women riders. When you apply filter, women riders can select if they prefer women drivers. If there is no women driver then male drivers will be requested for the ride.

    SOS Alert

    New features add cab2door in case of emergency or any unfortunate event occur riders can avoid your drive. SOS alert with live location send to their emergency contact.

    SOS Alert

    OTP Verification

    Cab2door is testing a new feature that allows users to share a four digit code before starting a ride. The feature is quite similar to Cab2door' OTP process before one starts a ride.

    Real Time Map

    A passenger can track the location of the taxi even across the city & state. A driver knows the proper location of passenger & passenger can track the driver’s location as well.

    Promo Code

    New feature of Cab2door admin can add different offers promo code for the Application users. User can avail any discount offer by entering the Promo Code.

    Rating and Review

    This will also help you look into what made the experience good or bad. In case, you need to improve something, you can do so with the help of the reviews and ratings that the users have given out. The reviews and ratings are an excellent way of improving your business.



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